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'PLAYTHINGS Old and New' - LyndonDesign Gallery - Gualala

For the holidays, opening November 22, Placewares+LyndonDesign gallery will exhibit four collections of antique toys.  Plus a new offering of playthings for your upcoming holiday perusing and purchasing.

Owners Lu and Maynard Lyndon will be exhibiting their personal collection of Baby Rattles, AND introducing their first co-authored book about their extraordinary collection which began in 1967. The handsome 100-page full-color book is titled RATTLED and features hundreds of baby rattles and a narrative about their collection--the largest you will see anywhere.

Additionally, Japanese wood Kokeshi dolls, collected over the years by Marilyn Green, and a collection of Snow Globes owned by Laura Martinez and David Moulton will be on display. Our attached announcement card below has additional information.  We hope you'll come 'play'.