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Studio Discovery Tour - The North Coast Artist Guild

Anyone can go to a gallery and find interesting art; we want to invite you to a completely different experience. Think of it as a treasure hunt that takes you off the beaten path. This is for dedicated art foragers who want to add some excitement to their life. It may require extra effort on your part but it may change your life or at least change the way you see. You may have to drive down rutted dirt roads or across open meadows to where you can hear the surf pound. You may have to find your way across a narrow bridge or along a private road where deer or even zebras are grazing. This is where we live and where we create
our art. You are challenged to share our inspiration, the views from our
work benches or easels, the feel of our tools or our paints, and the texture of
our lives.

Don’t be timid. Find out why we live here. Rise to the challenge.
We want to meet you and show you our art.
Come visit and celebrate our 22nd year!

Doric Jemison-Ball
Director, Studio Tour 2014
To receive your catalog by mail, so you can begin planning your own personal tour, e-mail the Tour Director, Doric Jemison-Ball at, or call 707-884-5067.

Click Here to Download Studio Discovery Tour Catalog